Terry Williams

b 1952 (Australia)


Soft sculptures have become synonymous with the current practice of eclectic and prolific maker Terry Williams, whose work over the past thirty years encompasses animation, ceramics, sculpture, text, drawing and watercolour.

Working from Arts Project Australia in Melbourne, Williams has engaged in a diverse exploration of materials and techniques to interpret figures, animals and domestic items, both real and imagined. A keen observation of the world and a lifelong fascination with UFOs, science fiction and extra-terrestrial life result in a hybrid collision of human and alien existence. Textiles are cut out and hand-sewn together, their conspicuous woollen stitching restraining bulging interiors filled with polyester batting and found materials.

Through layering and assembling, commonplace objects and imagined creatures come together, transformed into enigmatic and memorable forms that neatly elude the restrictive categories of Contemporary Art. Nonetheless, Williams is an astonishing artist whose work has gained him critical acclaim internationally, including a solo presentation at White Columns (New York), curated by Ricky Swallow (2015).