František Jaroslav Pecka


A published author on evolutionary history, František Jaroslav Pecka was a geologist, archaeologist and palaeontologist, whose immersion in spiritualist study inspired an extraordinary body of work. His (re)discovered spirit portraits and finger paintings, produced in trance and accredited to the departed, led to his status as one of the most avant-garde figures within early 20th century mediumistic art.

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Not Without My Ghosts, Drawing Room (London) 2020

The Medium's Medium, The Gallery of Everything (London) 2019

Outsider Art Fair (New York) 2019

Topic Salon (Narod) c 1920

National House of Smíchov (Smíchov) c 1920

Clam-Gallas Palace (Prague) c 1920

Not Without My Ghosts, Drawing Room, 2020

Artists Translating Spirits, Cavin Morris Gallery, 2018