Mary T Smith

1904 - 1995 (MISSISSIPPI, USA)

Sharecropper’s daughter who peopled the perimeter of her beloved homestead with corrugated tin cut-outs, cryptic script and a raw brushed aesthetic. A pioneer of hearing-impaired image-making, the artist has recently been featured in shows by artist Alvaro Barrington and curator Daniel Soutif. Her work is in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) and the Georgia Museum of Art (Georgia).

Souls Grown Deep like the Rivers, Royal Academy of Arts (London), 2023
My Soul Has Grown Deep, Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), 2018

Souls Grown Deep Like the Rivers , AL Maxwell, P Goodwin & R Lampkins - Fielder, 2023
Souls Grown Deep, W & P Arnett
My Soul Has Grown Deep, RR Griffey, 2000