Hiroyuki Doi
b 1946 (Japan)

HIROYUKI DOI is a Japanese draughtsman whose concentric mappings form a meditated response to the loss of his brother. These monochromatic and often mesmeric essays take up to three months to complete, for they serve to honour the memory of a relationship which only continues in this, its newly discovered form. 

HIROYUKI DOI’s art suggests both a modest materiality and an expansive interior. Its inhabited truth is a reflection of artist and viewer. It speaks of the complexities of our interpersonal relationships and presents itself as a means to transcend them.

DOI alludes to this subject-matter as the soul. The migration of human dialogue and the co-existence of all living creatures are transformed in these handmade objects. As artworks they communicate insight to a future generation. For in seeking a dialogue with an absent sibling, it appears that DOI has not only discovered an infinite number of conversations, but a practice which undertakes their universal and eternal delivery.

DOI’s works are housed in public and private collections worldwide, including The American Folk Art Museum (US), La Fondation Antoine de Galbert (FR), John Michael Kohler Arts Centre (US), Louis-Dreyfus Family Collection (US), Menil Collection (US), The Museum of Everything (UK) and Pilot Corporation (JP).


As Essential as Dreams - Michelle White, Lynne Adele, Brooke Davis  Anderson, Haley Berkman, David Breslin (Yale University Press) 2016

Exhibition #1, The Museum of Everything (Mondadori/Electa) 2010


EXHIBITION #7, The Museum of Everything (Tasmania) 2017/8

THIS IS DEDICATED TO THE ONE I LOVE, The Gallery of Everything (London) 2017

Escape Routes, John Michael Kohler Arts Center (Sheboygan) 2016/2017

As Essential as Dreams, The Menil Collection (Houston) 2016

Hiroyuki Doi, Pen Station Museum (Tokyo) 2013/14/15

EXHIBITION #1.1, The Museum of Everything (Paris) 2012

Jubilation/Rumination, AFAM (New York) 2012

EXHIBITION #1, The Museum of Everything (London/Turin) 2009/10

Je collectionne, La Maison Rouge (Paris) 2009

Éloge du dessin, Halle Saint-Pierre (Paris) 2008