b 1985 (USA)

Raised in Chicago by an Italian-American family, LOUIS DEMARCO has been expressing himself through art since his early 20s. His is a precise and philosophical practice, nurtured through the support of his local studio into a fundamental body of material. This in turn has garnered him hometown acclaim, national profile and cult status.

DEMARCO uses image-making to trace the highways of the brain. His voice, at once particular and channeled, is a means by which to process and communicate. Pithy warnings, soft guidelines, home truths and lyrics to live by, are quoted, abbreviated, distorted and repeated. They drift through cloudforms like infomercials from the divine.

Comedian and analyst, provocateur and poet, the author is ever present. His artworks evidence a lifelong investigation into the thought-processes of consciousness. Beware their apparent simplicity. These tiny epics disarm with dignity, wit and revelation for all.

LOUIS DEMARCO has been featured in numerous shows across the US and has been commissioned for a number of important public art installations. He has been exhibited internationally, notably by The Museum of Everything in London and Tasmania.  This is his first major presentation in the UK and is exclusive to The Gallery of Everything.