Mose Tolliver

1925 - 2006 (Alabama, USA)

Highly regarded and widely-known Alabama original of immense variety and fecundity, whose artistic expression birthed an encyclopaedia of fantastical beasts, erotica and autobiography. The artist is represented in the show by a selection of classic works of particular delicacy and beauty.

Collections:  Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York); Smithsonian Museum (D.C.).
Exhibitions:  Souls Grown Deep like the Rivers (2023), Royal Academy of Art (London); My Soul Has Grown Deep (2018), Metropolitan Museum of Art; Black Folk Art in America (1984), Corcoran (Washington DC).
Publications: Souls Grown Deep like the Rivers (2023), ML Anderson & R Lampkins-Fielder; Self-Taught, Outsider and Folk Art (2000), BC Sellen; Black Folk Art in America (1982), J Livingston.