B  1983 (GERMANY)

Julius Bockelt is an emerging art maker whose diverse and observational practice has evolved at Frankfurt’s leading assisted studio.

Bockelt began his experimental studies into the anatomy of sound in 2002. In these semi-performative events, he created acoustic interference which he then translated into meticulous freehand drawings. For Bockelt, these visual equivalents offered an interface between sound and vision; and addressed the fabric of auditory perception.

As Bockelt’s process evolved, so the artist approached his scientific research with the creative openness of artistic enquiry. It came to include photography and performance, alongside the drawings, sound pieces and musical experiments on paper. In 2011, Bockelt began to document cloud formations over the Frankfurt sky. In an ongoing archive that today contains almost 30,000 images (and the recent subject of an exhibition at Museum Folkwang, Essen), the artist examines the topic of naturally-occurring phenomena. Once again, his focus is an area of investigation available to all. 

Bockelt’s recent experiments with bubble behaviour led to a liquid which features commercial cola as its key ingredient. Bockelt affects the structure and movement of the bubbles in playful experiments that give duration to fleeting phenomena.

Bockelt has been included in exhibitions and collections worldwide, including MUSEUM FOLKWANG (ESSEN), LA MAISON ROUGE (PARIS), and Guangdong Museum of Modern Art (Guangzhou) .


Phase Shifter, 6 1/2 Wochen, Museum Folkwang 2018

Everyting #7, The Museum of Everything 2018

Von der Unbefreiglichkeit Gottes: Atelier Goldstein in der Marienkirche Aulhausen, Ed. by Soling Caspar and Christiane Cuticchio (Schnell & Steiner) 2016

Art Brut Live, Ed. by Bruno Decharme (ABCD COLLECTION) 2015

Everything #4, The Museum Of Everything 2011

Atelier Goldstein Heft #1 2011


Phase Shifter, Museum Folkwang (Essen) 2018

Das Beste aus allen Welten, Stadthaus Ulm 2018

EXHIBITION #7, The Museum of Everything (Hobart) 2017/8

„Ballastexistenzen“-?, Paulskirche (Frankfurt) 2017

Von der Unbegreiflichkeit Gottes, Haus am Dom/Zollamtssaal/Dommuseum, (Frankfurt) 2016

Tell it slant, Frith Street Gallery (London) 2016

Julius Bockelt, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research (Frankfurt) 2015

Atelier Goldstein at Ständehaus, Ständehaus Kassel 2015

Art Brut, Collection ABCD, La Maison Rouge (Paris) 2014

Womöglich, Atelier Goldstein at Borgo Ensemble (Fürth) 2014

Magic Lines, GAIA Museum (Randers) 2013

Knapp Vermessen, Galerie am Bahndamm (Giessen) 2012

State Opera Hannover 2012

EXHIBITION #4, The Museum of Everything, Selfriges (London) 2011

Goldstein, Guildo und Gäste, Studio Dumont (Cologne) 2009

Narration/Fiktion, Galerie der Villa (Hamburg) 2009

GOLDSTEIN VARIATIONEN, Galerie Station Mousonturm (Frankfurt) 2009

MUSIK!, Mad Musée Liège 2008

Interchange II, Guangdong Museum of Modern Art (Guangzhou) 2008

INTERCHANGE, Römerhalle (Frankfurt) 2006