JB Murray

1908 - 1988 (Georgia, USA)

Multi-faith author of asemic text, augmented with gestural colour-coded abstractions, whose yard show origin shifted to the Language of the Holy Spirit at the behest of a mystical avian vision. Several pages of the artist’s astonishing hieroglyphic works on paper are featured in the exhibition.

Collections: Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York); AFAM (New York); Minneapolis Institute of Art; Smithsonian Museum (Washington DC).
Exhibitions: Approaching Abstraction (2009), AFAM; Baking in the Sun (1987), UAM (LA).
PublicationsB.Murray and the Scripts and Spirit Forms of Africa (2022), L Clifton-James & MS Wahlman; My Soul Has Grown Deep (2018), C Finley, RR Griffey, A Peck & D Pinckney.