Horace Lindezey

B 1966

Horace Lindezey adapts the format of the classic (British) blue memorial plaque into a personalised eulogy for those who have passed.

Lindezey’s particular vocabulary and personal phraseology lend his graphic handwritten discs tremendous intimacy, humour and insight. They recall once-forgotten names from the public eye, alongside loved ones from the artist’s private life.

Lindezey’s ceramics transcend the format of obituary, celebrating the reception of the legends, rather than the legends themselves. In doing so, they reflect a formative fascination with special occasion days - a term coined during childhood, as he watched his seamstress mother craft bridal dresses and event wear.

Lindezey is based at Venture Arts in Manchester, a visual arts charity serving neurodiverse and other self-taught artists. The studio facilities, exhibitions and programmes provide clients an opportunity to express themselves freely, without overt guidance, across a range of traditional and experimental mediums.

On display in The Departed are a diverse mix of rock stars (Tina Turner, David Bowie), TV celebrities (Keith Chegwin, Cilla Black), soap opera characters (Stan Butler, Mr Bronson) and quiz show comperes (Derek Batey, Tom O’ Connor), alongside Lindezey‘s much-loved parents (Emerald and Wilston Lindezey, not for sale).

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