08.05.20 - 29.05.20 (Phase I)
18.06.20 - 10.07.20 (Phase II)
03.08.20 - 24.08.20 (Phase III)

Open now is ART BRUT GLOBAL – a three-phase online initiative from New York’s Outsider Art Fair.

Featuring unique works from alternative galleries worldwide, the first phase presents canonical 20th century artists, from Adolf Wölfli to Martín Ramírez. The Gallery of Everything has contributed material by these two respected authors, as well as by James Castle, Aloise Corbaz, Madge Gill, Augustin Lesage and Carlo Zinelli.

The second phase, New Discoveries, features works by over fifty international artists, all of whom have been introduced to the field within the last three years. The Gallery of Everything has contributed material by Olga Frantskevich, Ezekiel Messou, and Johnson Weree.

The third and final phase, Here and Now, features sixty eight accomplished living artists from around the world. The Gallery of Everything has contributed material by Kwame Akoto (Almighty God), ION BÂRLĀDEANU, Alan Constable, Hiroyuki Doi, Francis Marshall and Bob Parks.

To view the artworks, please click HERE for Phase I, HERE for Phase II and HERE for Phase III.

For a selection of additions to the Art Brut Global initiative, available directly from The Gallery of Everything, please click HERE.