02.07.17 - 10.09.17


The sprawling studio of FRANCIS MARSHALL is an open-air theatre of wondrous and peculiar folk. For the population of this artistic endeavour are the random and every day, the curious and the bored, where family feasts and abandoned waiting-rooms squash their cast’s bulbous bodies into tight-fitted space.

MARSHALL’s people are beautiful people. They live in the wilderness, unattended for decades, and their skins share a patina of dirt, stink and sun. Like the leathery works of a time long forgot, MARSHALL’s figures seem to mirror the personality of their maker. They yearn for another kind of life.

Championed by Alain Bourbonnais - the legendary founder of La Fabuloserie in Dicy, France - MARSHALL’s work was first made public in 1973 at Atelier Jacob in Paris. Since then he has been exhibited at the Musee d’Art Modern (France), American Visionary Art Museum (USA) and Hayward Gallery in the seminal Outsiders exhibition in 1979.

Now MARSHALL’s cast of outsiders are housed in a gallery for the first time after years of exterior imprisonment. The Gallery of Everything invites you to sit amongst FRANCIS MARSHALL’s beautiful people, to wait for the bus, to drink soup and to ride discarded bicycles, until the summer sun fades.

FRANCIS MARSHALL AND THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE also features a selection of works by Liberian artist JOHNSON WEREE.